September 6, 2016

1. The wonderfulness of a clean kitchen floor. I only scrub it during naptime, and other things that are naptime only often seem more pressing, but there’s just something about the pine scent and seeing it look so fresh, however briefly.

2. I roasted some zucchini today for Baby to try, and it is delicious that way! I don’t understand the mothers whose posts I read on Facebook who say things like ‘I don’t eat carrots at all, so how do I know that this carrot puree I made tastes good?’ Taste that baby food!

3. Baby got upset in the stroller on our walk today and couldn’t be settled, so I popped her into the carrier which I always bring along as backup. S said she looked smug about the change. She certainly was comfortable and fell asleep after a few minutes. I had to wake her up when we got home so it wouldn’t mess up bedtime, but I love having her sleep against me.


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