She doesn’t know why she swallowed that fly…

September 2, 2016

1. The title is click bait, Baby didn’t actually swallow it. The dead fly we noticed on the floor when we got home this evening ended up in Baby’s mouth. We saw her working on something and I investigated and fished it out against her will.

2. Getting Baby on my back in the woven wrap without using a mirror. The wrap wasn’t perfect, but she was secure, safe, and mostly happy while I cooked dinner.

3. A piece of ivy from one friend delivered by another, plus a nice visit. I admit I cried when my ivy died a few weeks ago. It may be a little silly, but it was just too much on top of my flower garden and the vegetable garden doing so poorly. This ivy has been back and forth, with one of us always keeping some alive to give back.


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