Slow down

August 30, 2016

1. Baby makes me slow down when she’s awake. While she took her afternoon nap today, I pulled as many weeds as I could before she woke up. At 3:05, she let me know that she was awake. After 15 minutes or so of talking, holding, and playing, she was sufficiently recovered from her nap to go in her high chair for her carrots and bananas. It took her at least 25 minutes to eat and play with her food, then she got a diaper change and wanted to nurse. By the time we made it outside, it was a little after 4. There really is no rushing her, and I don’t mind.

2. I was happy that Baby took pureed carrots today. I gave up on the purees a while ago, but there are just some foods it would be easier if she would eat in that form until she gets some teeth, I think.

3. Finishing my dress with the lace overlay. I almost ran out of thread, but had just enough for the hem.


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