He gives his beloved sleep

August 15, 2016

1. Baby slept through the night last night! I am treating this as an anomaly, but it was pretty nice getting a full night of sleep (I did wake up once at 3:30, thought Baby would be up soon, and fell back asleep. I’m counting that as my first time sleeping through the night in almost two years). If she keeps this up, I’ll be happy and sad.

2. The hem of my sister’s dress looks nicer than the store hem. The chiffon layer was so uneven I had to have her come out for a second measuring.

3. Finally realizing that the reason Baby doesn’t last as long in her crib in the morning when I go shower is because she’s bored. Before she was a proficient roller, I could leave her in there with two little stuffed animals, turn on the mobile, and she’d just be starting to fuss when I was finishing combing my hair. Lately, two minutes into my shower, she’s crying out and S rescues her if it’s the weekend. Today, after laying her in there with her animals, I set a few toys in the corners for her to find. From the bathroom while I brushed my teeth I could hear her playing with the stacking cups, so that worked pretty nice.


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