Blueberry eyes

August 4, 2016

1. Blueberry picking with Baby. I used to dislike picking blueberries because I didn’t like eating them, but I’ve come around in the past few years. I wore Baby forward facing while I picked because I thought she’d tolerate me standing still to pick better than if she faced in.She amused herself by snatching at the leaves and berries. On one of my checks to remove leaves from her mouth, she was just putting a berry in her mouth so I pinched half off and let her go for it. 

2. Cutting out a dress for myself. I’ve never worked with lace before, that I can remember anyways, so I hope this goes well. It’s fun to sew new things.

3. I bought a shallow storage container the other day for Baby to use as a pool outside. I filled it while she napped this afternoon and she loved it and I loved her looks and squeals of happiness. She loves being outside and she loves baths, so I figured it would be a hit.


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