Still laughing

August 2, 2016

1. We watched The Revenant a few weeks ago. In it, the main character gets mauled by a bear in the wilderness, his companions dig him a grave, drag him into it, and abandon him because they think he’s going to die anyway, but he drags himself out by his arms and painfully makes a recovery. S pointed out that Baby’s way of crawling reminds him of that injured character and I have to say that while I was cooking my lunch today and Baby was sort of whining and dragging herself along after me, she did bear a striking resemblance. I laughed, then picked her up.

2. Baby and I got to see the relatives from out of state that we missed out on seeing on Sunday. It was another nice family visit and was better than going to pick blueberries like I originally planned.

3. Trying to decide whether to make the skirt of the dress I’m making a straighter style instead of the very full a-line that the pattern includes.


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